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(John Harvey's Website and Occasional Blog)
Welcome to my website and blog. The primary purpose of these pages is to provide a forum to counteract the "spin" that comes from Indigo Shire Council headquartered at Beechworth in Northeast Victoria ( It is dedicated to freedom of expression, fighting political correctness and countering the social engineering of the "woke" left. Sometimes I will also comment on state, national and international politics and society. Unless otherwise stated all opinions expressed on this website are those of the author, John Harvey.   

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (attributed to Edmund Burke)

13/10/21: Service Victoria's Check In App now has a space for adding your vacination status, i.e. a vacination passport. I wonder how long these will be required, 90% double vacinated? 100%? Somehow I don't think our governments will never relinquish the powers and controll they have acquired in the last couple of years. They are addicted to them.

22/09/21: Another day of unrest in Melbourne. Victoria is beginning to resemble one of the communist dictatorships that used to exist in eastern Europe.  I don't agree with the violence we have witnessed on the streets. However it is all a crisis of Dan Andrew's own making. Dear old Dan has not offered people any real hope, only a road map to nowhere. To top it all off we have experienced an earthquake, supposedly the largest since European settlement. Thankfully there was only minor property damage and no reports of injuries.

29/08/21: It has been awhile since my last post. Victoria went out of and back into "lockdown" so fast I wonder why Comrade Dan even bothered other than to get our hopes up so he could enjoy bringing them crashing down. Covid is running rampant in NSW. Joe Biden made a mess of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan leaving those poor people at the mercy of terrorists. When is the Western world going to learn that you can't make a deal with the Devil? The Devil always gets his due.
10/08/21: Our Fearless Leader Comrade Dan has lifted the "lockdown" of regional Victoria. Wasn't that nice of him considering the reported COVID virus found in Wangaratta's waste water turned out to be a "false positive"? Never mind that there haven't been any confirmed cases in Northeast Victoria for over a year.

25/07/21: Another cold, wet and miserable day in Dan Andrew's version of Hell. Thousands of people rallied across Australia and other Western countries yesterday protesting against the never ending "lock downs". I didn't participate and don't think they are a good idea. However I understand people's frustration. This nightmare has to end. It is rapidly becoming a case of "the operation was a success but the patient died". Thousands of people have had their lives and livelihoods ruined. There is no zero option we must learn to live with it.By the way, did you notice the different tactics of the Victoria Police with the lock down protest and the BLM protest last year? The police adopted a "hands off" approach to the BLM protesters yet tried to aggressively stop the lock down protesters. Obviously there are two sets of rules depending on your political viewpoint.

23/07/2021: Recommended reading, an article from the "Spectator Australia", Have a look athe other articles as well. "The Spectator Australia" is worth subscribing to if you want a different viewpoint than the usual spin.

20/07/2021: Here's a surprise. Our fearless leader Chairman Andrews has extended Victoria's lock down for another 7 days. What do a Premier and his chief bureaucrats earning around $500,000 a year from the public purse care about all the small businesses they have destroyed? Obviously not very much. On tonight's news it was reported that the wait time on the Victorian government's help line was over 17 hours! A token payment of a few thousand dollars is not going to save the livelihoods of small shopkeepers who have invested their whole lives into their businesses. Here's an idea, the politicians and bureaucrats should give up a day's pay for every day they lock people down. Unfortunately there are two chances of that, buckleys and none.
It would seem that Chairman Dan is trying for zero COVID cases, to eliminate the virus entirely. That reminds me of King Canute trying to halt the incoming tide (Google it).

18/07/2021: Another cold, wet day in Dan Andrew's Paradise. Had a discussion about Indigo Shire's "infrastructure" in the supermarket yesterday (yes, we were "checked in" and "masked up"). It was agreed that if some of the councillors and bureaucrats put as much effort into fixing the basic infrastructure  of the Shire as they do into promoting rail and cycling trails and their left wing flights of fancy then the footpaths and roads might be fixed. The defence they use is that  all the money for these schemes comes from grants. Grants are still taxpayers money. They don't fall from heaven like cargo cult. Invariably the Shire has to top up these grants with hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of ratepayers money that could be spent elsewhere.

17/07/2021: The first day of Dan Andrew's fifth "lock down". Just another cold and wet day in The People's Democratic Republic of Victoria aka "Danandrewstan". One would have hoped that after almost 18 months of "COVID" our state and national politicians would have worked out a better way of dealing with it other than destroying people's lives and likelihoods. The Covid virus is not going away. Somehow we are going to have to learn to live with it. There is no zero option. In any case, as usual, regional and rural Victoria are suffering for outbreaks in the large metropolitan centres.